Culmore's Einstein
Hi! I'm Einstein. I was born on July 7, 2006, and everyone says I'm Estee's best looking boy ever. I have taken Conformation Training in Sacramento and through the all breed Mensona Kennel Club of which we are members, County-Wide Dog Training Club, and with Michael Lynch.

Michael Lynch, an All Breed Professional Handler from Sacramento, with over 20 years experience, started handling Einstein. We want to give Einstein the best possible chance of finishing as a Champion, and Michael provides the greatest initial opportunity.

Einstein is getting full attention and his grooming and handling is every day when not trying to impress The Baroness with his speed and grace. Estee, The Baroness, Patricia, Matthew and I would like to thank our mentors and friends, and we can assure you that this effort would be overwhelming without all of your assistance. We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!

Click on the pictures for a larger view. A complete photo session of Einstein by Pet Photographer Chele Calbert can be seen on the All Photos Page,

Awards, Certifications and Registrations:

2008 AKC Show Season Awards: Points towards Champion Status: 4

Purple/White Ribbon Bichon Frise Reserve Winner: 2

Bichon Frise Best of Winners Dog Ribbon: 5

Bichon Frise Best of Opposite Sex Ribbon: 4

Bichon Frise Open Class Blue Ribbon First Place: 6

Bichon Frise Open Class Red Ribbon Second Place: 3

Bichon Frise Specialty Second Place Trophy: 1

Bichon Frise Fourth Place White Ribbon: 1

American Kennel Club (AKC) # NP13567001

Canine Eye Registration Foundation is C.E.R.F. # BCF-2988/2008-22

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is O.F.A. Checked at 24 months: Hips: BCF-2693G24M-PI and Elbows: BCF-EL365M24-PI

AKC DNA Profile # V473597.

At Home Microchip # 48111C4E5F

AKC-CAR Companion Animal Rescue # 48111C4E5F

Dimensions on August 23, 2010:

Size --Dogs and bitches 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches are to be given primary preference. Einstein is 10 3/8" tall at the withers.

Proportion--The body from the forward-most point of the chest to the point of rump is 1/4 longer than the height at the withers. Einstein measures 14 1/2” here.

The body from the withers to lowest point of chest represents 1/2 the distance from withers to ground. Einstein measures 5” here.

Substance --Compact and of medium bone throughout; neither coarse nor fine. Einstein has very sturdy medium bone throughout.

Weight-- Einstein weighed 14 pounds on August 23, 2010


Einstein and Blue Ribbons by Diane Strasser


Einstein and Michael by Diane Strasser


Einstein and Michael by Diane Strasser


Einstein and Blue Ribbons by Diane Strasser


Judge Mrs. Toby Branch, Michael and Einstein at Coyote Hills KC Show


Judge Mrs. Toby Branch, Michael and Einstein at Coyote Hills KC Show

Einstein 009

Einstein at 20 1/2 months by Chelle Calbert

Einstein 040

Einstein at 20 1/2 months by Chelle Calbert


Einstein at 19 months


Einstein at 17 months


Einstein - 13 1/2 months


Einstein at 11 months

Einstein Pedigree

Einstein's AKC Pedigree


Einstein as shown in The Bichon Frise Pictorial Review, The Sixth Book