Dam Estee of Rancho Cotate


Estee de Rancho Cotate, born July 30, 2000, is our beautiful Grand Dam. Her AKC pedigree includes the bloodline of the Champion Tomaura's and the European bloodline of Royal Dutch from Holland. The official seal of the American kennel Club certifies this pedigree was compiled from its Stud Book records on November 10, 2000. A copy of her Certified Pedigree is downloadable from the AKC.org website. She is approximately 11" at the withers (shoulders), very sturdy in structure, and conforms well to the Standard for Bichon Frise by the American Kennel Club. She has a beautiful face and a sweet personality and disposition. Her dense pure white coat springs back to the touch, her eyes are big and bright and her smile overwhelming. Estee loves being a mother, is extremely patient, tender, loving and agile. Please see Estee's Registrations and Certifications below.

Estee's first litter arrived December 29, 2003, and were named Noel, Cupid, Dasher, Donner and Blitzen for our favorite reindeer.

Her second litter, coming on October 29, 2004, were members of Camelot, with King Arthur, Sir Launcelot, Guinnevere, Morgan LeFay, and of course mighty Merlin!

Estee's third litter was born on November 29, 2005, and was ready for adoption at nine weeks of age starting January 31, 2006. The litter this time consisted of 5 very well developed males, who were given the names Ernest, Chandler, Dashiell, Dylan and Hermann, named after famous authors.

Estee fourth litter was successfully bred May 4,5,6, 2006 to the same Stud as litter 3, Charles.
At 2:30 pm Friday July 7th, Estee saw Revere stick his head into the world for the first time, followed at regular intervals by Liberty, Benji, Belle, and Thomas. You guessed it, an American Independence litter.

Estee and her Prince Charles had their 5th anniversary week in Valentine bliss from February 11-20, 2008. At 2:40 am on April 19,2008, the first puppy, Logan came into the world, followed by Anton, Giselle, Chloe and Hunter.

In January, 2009, while my Mom was in the hospital recovering from a broken hip and a heart attack that required the implantation of a defibrillator, her Bichon of 15 years, Marseilles passed away. She has been alone since that time, and the other day she called, needing a companion, but not a puppy. Those of you who know Estee, know how perfect she is to take gentle, loving care of Mom. Being 8 years old, she is mellow and mature and a great snuggler. There are plenty of other dogs in the neighborhood for her to visit and play with, and Estee will be spoiled just like Mom in her golden years.

God bless Estee, we love you. May 7, 2011

Registrations and Certifications:

American Kennel Club (AKC) # NM874745/02
Canine Eye Registration Foundation is C.E.R.F. # BCF-2600/2005-56 also CERF55
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is O.F.A. # BCF-2220G55F-PI also OFA/OFEL OFA56G
AKC DNA # V393133
AVID Microchip # 079-314-615
AKC-CAR Companion Animal Rescue # CAR-00006279