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We are having a total love affair with Chloe! Our kids say "this is the best thing we have ever done for our family" and we can't imagine our lives without her!  Matthew and Patricia, the care and love you give to Einstein, Gisella and all of their puppies is unmatched.  We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Aislinn, Jacqueline, Sam and Stephen


Our family is now so much happier with our Lilly.....thank you and Merry Christmas

Lilly and CeCe’s girls

Pavlov asked his mom to write on his behalf as he is busy playing in the yard and barking at the neighbors dogs!  

Pavlov is a happy little fellow very anxious to please and adores everyone.  He is a popular young man especially at puppy  training.  He gets on with the other puppies and is doing well with behavior training.  He graduated from Puppy 1 class and is now in Puppy 2 class  after Christmas he will advance to Basic Training.  I have had no trouble house training though I understand small dogs can take a long time.  Pavlov runs in to let me know when he has done a poo and then shows me where it is so we can clean it up!  He is the best behaved dog that I have owned and the most loving.

I hope that all your Bichon's are doing well and that hopefully a new litter is on the way.

Greetings from Redwood Country,

Sile, Kim and Pavlov

Good evening,
Hope this finds you both doing well.  I saw the picture of Anton, he is just adorable. 
I can't believe that CoCo had 4 females and 1 male. Texas is very lucky to get such special puppies.
We love our Daisy more than I ever thought possible and Bob is right there with me.
Grandma and Grandpa(Bob's parents) would love to keep her! NO WAY! They love her ALMOST as much as we do. She is good therapy for them.
Bob and I just can not say thank you enough. We feel very lucky to have found you both. I am hoping we can get there for a visit soon.
I would like to find the name of 2 books if you don't mind. One is on dog breeding, the other one is the one I believe Logan's owners told you about. 
I want you to know our Daisy weighs 11 lb's 4 oz.

Thank you 
Bob and Marsha

Hi Matthew and Patricia,

We've been following your news and looked at the last litter photos as they grew and went to their new homes, very wonderful looking pups! Also, congratulations to Einstein for all his wins.... Zari is very proud of her "Papa". We will try to show up at one of the local dog shows, either Petaluma or  San Rafael in August/Sept.

Zari is doing great, she's been going to puppy classes at the Marin Humane Society for about 3 months; it's unclear who is learning more, she or us!. She knows a lot of commands and seems to be developing a lot more confidence as time goes on. We love her to pieces and she has developed a very fun and loving personality.  We're enclosing some photos of Zari at various ages and the most recent after her grooming last Friday. She's 7 months today, can't believe it.

Hope you and the pack are all doing well. We'll be in touch

Judy and Trevor

Hey friends,
Just wanted to let you know that Hopps (snowball) is doing great.  He's been getting in a ton of beach days where he will outrun any dog that comes around.  (so fast for a little guy)  He's been camping with us where a baby deer and he became friends for the weekend.  Health is great.  Grooming has been hard with all the outdoor activities, but at this point we just drop him off at a local groomer and hand them a bunch of money.  :) 

Hope things are well with you both.  Tonya is trying to convince me to get a playmate for Hopps so who knows.  I'll attach a photo for you. 


Pavlov is settling in beautifully here in Redwood country!  When he has had all his shots we will send you a photo of Pavlov under a giant Redwood tree.  He had a nice trip to Live Oak where he enjoyed meeting our friends, and they were enchanted with him.  He sleeps well at night in his crate and has had just 2 accidents which I put down to a disrupted routine.  I get up at night to let him out so that he can go potty. Currently he is playing quietly with a toy he stops every now and then to explore.  He has "asked" to go outside to go potty which is very good.  He is adventurous, but responds when I either I or my husband say "no". 
He is very well socialised you did a wonderful job he shows no timidity.  Thank you for letting us adopt him he is a treasure. We will keep you updated on his progress.
Best wishes,
Sile and Kim

Good morning,
Well, we have made it. Daisy has made herself comfortable and right at home, in her new home. She is happy and very playful. She is definitely our little explorer!  She is bouncy and very responsive. She is eating well, and goes to her crate when tired. We also have a bed for her in the living room. She plays with all of her toys and of course her best friend is the Bichon puppet. She was introduced to Bob's parents yesterday and of course they wanted to keep her.

I can not say thank you enough. We could not be happier and both of you deserve so much credit. Patricia and Matthew you are amazing people. Thank you for sharing.

Marsha and Bob

Hi Patricia and Matthew,

Congratulations to Einstein! We have been meaning to write to you sooner, but I always get side tracked. We just love Bella (Angel) She is just so sweet and of course cute!! I am sending some pics for you. Charlie and Bella just look so cute together. He plays with her until he has had enough and then lets her know, leave me alone... You were right, Bella does look a lot like Coco. We are so happy and we love her so much. She just had her shots and now weighs 4.5 pounds. 

Congratulations to Estee!  The puppies look so cute!! 

Rick Jan Jake Gina Charlie and Bella

Charlie and Bella

Dear Matthew & Patricia,

We absolutely love Lucca (Gaspar) and Roxie (Gloria). They have brought us
so many laughs. They are very smart and quick to learn new tricks. The 2nd
week we had them they had learned to sit and shake hands for a treat.
Lucca and Roxie have had 2 visits to our vet now. She has pronounced them
healthy and doing great. Lucca continues to weigh  2 lbs. more than Roxie.
We would highly recommend you as breeders to anyone.
Thank you for taking such care in raising wonderful Bichons.

Jack & Nan

I attached some of our latest photos of Bijou for you to take a look at.  He is the greatest dog and is loved by everyone who meets him.    


Hey Matthew,

Hops has been with us for a month now and it has been too much fun!!  He had his first check up with our vet last week and received a clean bill of health.  Potty training has been no problem at all.  90% of the time if he has to go he runs straight to the back door and gives a good bark to get our attention.  Oh... Hops was sitting on command about 2 weeks after bringing him home.  The guy plays hard for a few hours at a time and then puts himself to bed.  We are grateful to have met Matthew and Patricia, as well as the dogs.  I'd recommend them to anybody interested in a bichon puppy! 

I attached a picture for you two to laugh at.  Thanks again Matthew and we'll be in touch. 



After meeting Patricia and you and seeing how you take care of the puppies and the rest of the gang, the love and passion you have for the Bichons, the knowledge, I will definitely recommend anyone looking for a Bichon to you both...

Thank you.


Patricia and Matthew,
From the moment she entered our house, Peaches knew she was home!  Not only did she settle in beautifully, but Teddy (our 1 1/2 year old Bichon) has become her new best friend!
They are inseparable!  Just today, they were both sitting on a mini-dog couch next to each other sharing and chewing on the same piece of rawhide.  It was adorable!  Peaches follows Teddy around constantly.
And Teddy watches over her to make sure she's not getting into trouble.  Her new favorite napping place -- under the couch!  I have to attribute her easy transition to our home to both of you!
The Bichon puppet worked wonders and helped Peaches feel comfortable and relaxed on her very first night.  She is a bright, vibrant little puppy who has forever won a place in our hearts!
Thank you so much for all your wonderful guidance and help.  We particularly appreciate all the time you spent with us providing background information on the puppies and giving us advice on Bichon care! 
Even Teddy has benefited already from your advice!
We are so thrilled to be a part of your extended Bichon family and look forward to keeping in touch!
Warm regards,
Patty, Caity, Teddy, Peaches...and the rest of our menagarie!!

Hi Matthew and Patricia,
Well it's been over a week since we brought "Bijou" (our puppy formerly known as Prince) into our home.  He has done remarkably well and
has fit right in with all of us girls and Mike too. 
Thanks for sending the Bichon puppet home with us...it has helped with his transition into our home.   Bijou loves his puppet and often carries it around with him,
not to mention wrestles with it daily. 
Crate training is going extremely well... only one accident. 
Bijou loves to snuggle under the blanket with the girls at night while they read or watch TV.  He is a very intelligent puppy and is already playing fetch with balls and bones.   

We have all bonded with him already and can't believe how much joy he has brought into our lives.  He has the sweetest disposition and is a great addition
to our family.  We took him to our vet today for a check up and he got a "clean bill" of health. 
Thanks for all the care you take in raising your Bichons!
Lisa, Mike, Paige & Sara
P.S.-Here is the latest photo.

Here are a couple of pictures of Rocky at the lake after a swim and another picture taken when Cindy and Dylan and Rocky came over to visit the new puppies of CoCo and Merlin.


After my 5 year old dog passed away from a serious illness I needed a companion for my cocker spaniel. I was looking for a healthy puppy when my vet called me and suggested a Bichon Frise puppy. When I saw Matthew's wonderful litter at my vet's clinic (they were there for a regular check-up), my mind was made. I fell in love with a breed. I wanted the smallest female puppy and I got it. We named her Lisa because of a strong resemblence with an Arctic fox. "Lisa" in Russian is a fox. Loving, affectionate, healthy and happy dog makes our life fulfilling and joyful. Bichons are very "heavy duty" dogs, trimming and grooming are required and some committment is necessary to keep the dog in good shape. I do trimming by myself and my puppy is the most beautiful in the area. Lisa brings so much fun and joy to our family. She is a healthy and happy dog. Thank you, Matthew.
Kathy Anisin
Novato, CA

Cola and Matty

I have to say, you and Patricia breed wonderful Bichons. Matty was the smartest in his class, and I'm not just saying that. On graduation day, they had a procession where the owner and trainer walk down the aisle. Matty stayed at my side and sat immediately upon command. Other dogs had to be bribed with doggie treats to do the same thing. We love Matty. He’s sweet, playful, bright and has a personality twice his size! Every morning Matty wakes up cheerful and has even won over the heart of our other dog, a finicky Chihuahua mix. Matty was one of the top two of his puppy training class of eight and has been given a clean bill of health since our initial visit to the vet for a checkup.
David Palavi
Tracy, CA

Dear Matthew and Patricia;
Just wanted to take a moment to drop you a few lines to say how pleased and enthused I am about what you have done to promote your chosen breed. The results I have seen with the Bichon Frise puppies you have produced are simply great! When I think of you, Matthew, I think of carefully crafted thoughts, words, and sentences AND equally carefully crafted little Bichons.
Keep up the good work and best wishes for the future.
Dr. R. T. Hauser DVM
San Marin Animal Hospital
Novato, CA

The site looks great.  Thanks for including our Oliver's picture.  We have enjoyed him immensely.  He is such a fun dog and great addition to our family.  He is also very good with our grandsons who are very active;  infact he moped for a couple days when they returned to San Diego after having been here for a week. He fit right in with the two and three year olds, but he also fits in well with adults and makes them laugh.   Thanks for a great dog!!

We just wanted to let you know that Belle is doing GREAT!!!
Princess and Belle are realy enjoying each others company.
She sleeps through the night and is doing great with her potty training.  She went for her first boat ride Sunday and even got in a swim!!  We are both enjoying her very much and want to thank you for letting us adopt her.
We will send some pictures soon.  Thanks for the pictures you sent us. 
Jan & Zino

Dear Patricia and Matthew,
We managed to keep Athena a secret until this morning after all the gifts had been opened. Christian unwrapped dozens of presents for Athena and kept talking about when he would finally be able to see her. We had wrapped a cowboy hat box and set her inside right when we were done opening gifts and presented the box to Christian. When Christian removed the top of the box to see her, he couldn't speak. He picked her up and held her. I said "Christian say something" and he just started to cry. Athena just cuddled up into his neck.
They have been inseparable, he even lays down with her until she falls asleep so she can get enough rest. I can't thank you enough for all the joy you have brought us this Christmas!

Good Morning
You may be surprised to hear that Dion slept five and a half hours straight.  We woke him up when we got up to go -- and so I placed him on his wee-wee pad and he went also.  However he thought it was play time and not sleep time, but he went back to sleep in about an hour.
He is a great puppy, and we thank you so much.
Pastor Bill

Einstein had his last checkup for a while and our vet is very, very happy with him. He said he couldn't ask for a more perfect puppy! He was impressed with his temperament, how smart he is and how healthy. He is almost 2 lbs lighter than Bailey.
We decided to not neuter Einstein. We would love for him to make beautiful Bichons before we let him retire. It would be a shame if we didn't. Everyone always comments on how wonderful he is.
He has been spending a lot of time with Aaron specifically and you can tell how much Einstein loves him!! But he also loves to rest his head on my shoulders and truly snuggles... That is sooo cute!! Aaron said he is a chick magnet!!
All our Best!
Yvonne and the Gang

Dear Matthew,
Max ( Hermann) is doing fine--He loves everybody and is a bundle of joy--doesn't like to be alone too much and is getting on somewhat of a schedule--The whole outside potty thing is still a challenge --but he gets the whole paper thing--only one or two accidents-and they were definitely more our fault.  He's a cutie and is well loved and cared for.

Hi there!
We are just loving our new family member. He did very well last night, just got up with him twice and he only cried for a few minutes. He is so sweet and very playful! we will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks for the pictures, very cute.
Happy New Year
Cindy & John

Chandler and Ernest are doing well -- weighing around 12 (Chandler) and 13 (Ernie) lbs
now. Although they are not swimming at the beach yet, they are truly
enjoying San Diego and such joys! Ernie is clearly the larger one
--stocky, great looking, can probably show well and Chandler is the
lover, sweet, and loves to be held often!