CoCo is putting on weight...

and looking very motherly carrying around her Bichon Frise hand puppet. Merlin has settled down and is ever vigilant. Estee is seeing all the tasty diet changes CoCo is being treated to, and she is ready to get pregnant just for the food!!! Those goodies include baked chicken, fresh veggies, Esbolac supplement, Calcium Pet Tabs, egg, Science Diet Puppy Food and a little extra of each here and there.

CoCo and Merlin Mating Completed on Schedule

CoCo and Merlin were right on schedule and successfully mated 5 times from April 13 to April 17th, tying the knot one time each of the 5 days, and the mating sessions were from 30 minutes to an hour. They sure do love each other. Merlin is such an outstanding male, and is so tender with CoCo, licking her and cleaning her constantly and standing guard to make sure she is safe and protected. Amazing.

Litters Planned for 2007

Litters for 2007 between Estee and Charles and CoCo and Merlin are appearing to be along the following time schedules:

CoCo and Merlin:
CoCo's cycle started: April 4, 2007
Mating: April 13-17 CoCo and Merlin tied the knot for the first time of this cycle about 7 pm on the 13 th.
Birth: June 15-17
Ready to go home with new families: August 15-17, 2007

Estee and Charles:
Mating: July 15-19, 2007
Birth: September 16-20
Ready to go home with new families: November 13, 2007

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