Interview #2 complete

On Tuesday September 23, Interview #2 with Julie Hill was completed from England for a future podcast episode. In the interview #51 we discussed the process of making a match between prospective adopting families and a breeder, and in the new episode we cover the aspect of “ now the match has been made and the puppy goes home, what do you do then”. When it is posted after editing, we will have it available via link to their site or you can subscribe to their regular podcasts through the Apple iTunes Store for Free. They are a great resource, and if you haven’t visited the site yet, click the link above.

Enjoy the autumn outside with your dogs wherever you live.

CoCo and Merlin have puppies in Dallas

CoCo and Merlin have had puppies in Dallas on September 9th. Congratulations to the happy parents and everyone at The Grooming Table. Here is the most current information on the litter and a picture:

Birth Sept. 9:
Paulette - blue ribbon - 5:30 pm - 4 ounces
Ambrose - black ribbon -6:15 pm - 3.5 ounces
Danielle - red ribbon - 7:00 pm - 3 ounces
Angelique - powder ribbon - 7:45 pm - 3 ounces

Sept 16:
Paulette - blue ribbon - 11.02 ounces
Ambrose - black ribbon - 10.75 ounces
Danielle - red ribbon - 9.5 ounces
Angelique - powder ribbon - 9.25 ounces

Anton (Fonzi) gets his first puppy cut

Anton is going on his 5th month of age and it was time for Patricia to give him his first puppy cut. He was very calm and looked so good we just had to take a few pictures. This one is of Patricia and Fonzi practicing stacking.

See more pictures on Anton’s webpage.

September Update

The first of September is off to a busy start. Estee is off with her Prince, CH Devon Charles Yu for their annual soiree.

Anton is growing into a very beautiful and playful pup who seems to play all day with Einstein, while Greta loves to watch them race around the yard alternating who chases who. She is really the most elegant girl we have ever had the pleasure of living with. So graceful, with the prance of a Tennessee walker and a tail like a flag, held high and always waving.

Einstein continues to mature and is a true gentleman who really loves to keep Greta licked clean, especially while courting. He is enjoying being at home, as life on the road of a show dog is about as fun as being in rock and roll band on the road. The audience is the only ones who think they are having fun and not realizing it is work to the players, and their handlers. Our hats are off to those who do it week in and week out, really.