Puppies weight at 2 weeks of age

The puppies are developing wonderfully in size, pure white with halos showing as well as black noses and features. Their eyes are at various stages of opening with Topo showing the most wide open. The puppies first individual pictures will be taken as soon as their eyes are fully open, probably this weekend.
Prince - 1 lb. 3 oz.
Jet - 14 oz.
Peaches - 1 lb. 5 oz.
Topo Gigio - 10 oz.
Snowball - 1 lb. 5 oz.
Einstein did outstanding last night in his first Confirmation Training for Show. All of the dogs, Maltese, Scotties, Yorkies were totally buff. Man, I'm glad I'm not competing against those Maltese, that's for sure. All Champs, most are on the circuit now. One took 2 awards in 2 days. Well on it's way to finishing. We were the only Bichons this time.

Gestation Calculator for Dogs Now Available FREE for Apple Computers

Gestation Calculator for Dogs by Lars Bergelt
- Description
  • This Widget is a program for dog breeder, that on the basis of the date of the first service to the day of the birth of the puppies, the progress of the gestation, the gestation week and the days up to the birth calculation.
  • With the input of the name of the dog, one can keep the overview of several dogs.
  • The Widget is multilingual and is present in German and English, and further languages are in progress.
Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later

Merlin acquired by the Grooming Table in Dallas to put some shine on the Star of Texas!

Merlin has always heard about the beautiful women in Texas, so he's puttin' on his spurs and headin' on out to Dallas, Texas, tomorrow on American Airlines to join Daniel, Kaori, Angelica, their Maltese Lilac and all the staff at the Grooming Table, the premiere dog grooming salon in North Dallas. You can see Merlin or get an appointment by calling 972-960-7171.

Puppies weight at 1 week of age

CoCo and all the puppies are beautiful, healthy, hungry and active. Puppies first individual pictures will be taken as soon as their eyes are open next week.
Prince - 11 oz.
Jet - 9 oz.
Peaches - 12 oz.
Topo Gigio - 7 oz.
Snowball - 12 oz.

Einstein has passed his C.E.R.F. exam

Einstein XXI has now had his eyes certified and been given C.E.R.F. # BCF-29882007/12. Way to go Einer my 49er!

Please Help Defeat California Spay/Neuter Law AB 1634 -AB 1634 Passes Assembly-The Fight Continues

CA Spay/Neuter Action Center

AB 1634 Passes Assembly — The Fight Continues

Assembly Bill 1634, the California bill that will require any dog or cat over the age of four months to be spayed or neutered unless the owner qualifies for and obtains an intact animal permit, has passed the California State Assembly on a vote of 41-38, the bare minimum needed for passage. The vote tally is listed below.

Please thank the legislators who voted to oppose AB 1634. We need to let them know how much their support means to us.

The American Kennel Club wishes to thank all the people who have worked so hard to defeat this legislation. The fact that the vote was so close and that final passage only occurred after 10 hours of lobbying demonstrates that we had a very large impact!!

AB 1634 will now proceed to the State Senate.

Concerned dog owners, breeders and fanciers are encouraged to contact their State Senator and ask him/her to oppose AB 1634. Remember, hard copy letters are better than emails and office visits are even better! To find out who represents you in the California State Senate
click here.

As soon as the Senate Rules Committee assigns the bill to a policy committee, we will post that information to our Action Center. Due to the floor deadlines this week, it will likely be at least next week before that happens.

For more information, contact AKC's Canine Legislation Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail

Please see the AKC website here for action you can take NOW:

CoCo started whelping at 2:00pm June 13

The first 2 puppies are beautiful males, Prince and Jet, followed by female Peaches, and finally males Topo Gigio and Snowball.
Birth weights:
Prince - 6 oz.
Jet - 5 oz.
Peaches - 6 oz.
Topo Gigio - 5 oz.
Snowball - 6 1/2 oz.
See the first pictures on this page
: CoCo and Merlin's Puppies NOW

CoCo ready to whelp any day now...

and she is up to 15 1/2 pounds. All she wants to do is eat and give the boys thunder.

Puppies next week

CoCo weighs 14 1/2 pounds now and is expecting next Friday June 15. Considering CoCo normally weighs 11 lbs., 14 1/2 lbs. represents a 25% weight gain so far. She's still very active and eating and resting very well considering she does a lot of rolling around.
CoCo will have her OFA test in late September, well after the puppies have gone.

CoCo has passed her C.E.R.F. eye tests again and is 2 weeks from Puppies

Canine Eye Research Foundation and their testing program as well as O.F.A., the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, are the foundation of our breeding program after selecting quality bloodlines. Both Merlin and CoCo have passed CERF annually as well as Merlin being over 2 years of age has passed his OFA. CoCo will have her OFA test after her second birthday.
CoCo's new CERF # is BCF-2767/2007--24
CoCo weighs about 14 pounds now and is expecting around June 15, so stay tuned.

We are proud to recommend DogCastRadio.com to all dogs and their people

After several months of listening to Julie and her guests we would like to recommend:

DogCastRadio.com- An Internet radio show and Podcast for dog lovers. News, reviews, interviews and more hosted by Julie Hill. It seeks to cover anything and everything dog related. The program discusses a broad range of topics available for repeated listening via the Internet or to put on your iPod and listen to while spending time with your dogs.