The girls get a comb out before the snow

Greta and Gisella just got a comb out before the snow, yes snow, here in the wine country. All of the peaks around us above 2,000 feet are covered in snow. If it sticks you can be sure we will get some pictures of the dogs in that.

IMGP0395 IMGP0385

Those happy Sonoma cows with snow on the mountains:


February is Pet Dental Health Month

Most vets all over the United States have special cost saving deals now so be sure to get your pets teeth cleaned this month and every February. Your pet will thank you with better overall health as well as better teeth.

Danny has placed both dogs. Thanks.

Danny has placed both of his dogs written about below. He said thanks to all who contacted him, especially the adopting families.

Anyone looking for a beautiful 18 month old Bichon male for a companion? Pictures and details now available!

Anyone looking for a beautiful 18 month old Bichon male for a companion? We have very close friends who have 2 well socialized, extremely well cared for Bichon Frises males to place into new families.

They are the puppies of
Merlin of Windsor Castle and Mademoiselle CoCo Chanel III, and all of their information is located on our site by clicking on the respective links. Merlin is one of the puppies from Estee, our Grand Dam who now lives with my senior Mother in Texas. I mean, we’re talking some fine intact, CERF’ed, AKC Registered mature males who are looking for YOU!

Call owner Daniel Stickle at 818-693-0975 or

AKC Sire's AKC Number: NP07860604,  Merlin of Windsor Castle
CERF # 427156, OFEL24, OFA25F
DNA Profile: # V393134

AKC: Dam's AKC Number: NP11621003 , Mademoiselle Coco Chanel III
CERF # 427157, OFEL26
DNA Profile # V401051

AKC Litter Number: NP233117

Verlious Info: AKC # NP23311701
                        Weight: Date: 2/7/11 - 9 pounds 6 ounces
                             Sex: Male
                            Born: 05/02/09
                          CERF: 427158-10/27/09                  

Toulouse Info: AKC # NP23311702
                         Weight: Date: 2/7/11 - 7 pounds 8 ounces
                              Sex: Male                              
                             Born: 05/02/09
                           CERF: 427159-10/27/09                      


Gisella is really maturing beautifully

Gisella, and depending on who you ask, Patricia calls her Ella and I call her Ellie, but we both call her Persimmon, is a hoot. She handled her first cycle with ease, has about reached full size of 10 1/2 pounds, maybe 11, has a beautiful coat, features and perfectly meets Bichon regulation standards. But, as I mentioned before, this girl is an acrobat and an athlete. She is also adopting some of Greta’s elegant prance and lion stretch. All 3 dogs run and play and kiss and hang out all the time. Truly a dogs life. I wanna be a dog...

Einstein is in bliss having two beautiful girls around to protect and snuggle. Greta has a BFF now, too, to teach all about being a proper little girl and mother some day.