Estee is about 8 days away from whelping

Estee appears to be right on time and all she wants to do is sleep and eat, and kiss. CoCo keeps sniffing her all about and Einstein cuddles up to her to keep her warm. They seem to form a little triangle that moves from place to place, never far apart.

Testimonials are posted for CoCo and Merlin's litter, Estee's progress

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Estee is really putting on the weight and showing and feeling of life inside, with rest her main priority. About 2 weeks to go. Hold those good thoughts.

Estee and Charles Puppies in 3 weeks

Estee is estimated to whelp 20 days from today, about September 28th. She is resting more, has put on a little weight but is still firm, and continues to be active with CoCo and Einstein.