Thanks for the calls and emails

Thanks for the calls and emails in support of the realities we all will or are facing with our elderly parents.

Our senior parents take center stage, breeding delayed

Shortly after posting the July update with optimism, I left home for Dallas, Texas to handle more of my Mom’s, Bette (BJ), needs and help get her affairs in order, as dementia is finally putting serious restrictions on her independence. Child has finally become father to the woman.

When your time comes to care for your parents, remember, they put up with us as children, and we must return the favor. We are who and where we are due to our parents loving direction, be it right or wrong at the time, so now I also must learn as I go. There are no built in instructions. Seek help and read a lot.

Friday, Patricia is going to Milwaukee to see her Mom who is having her own health issues and to relieve her sister Gloria who has been living with Dorothy for quite a while now as she cannot live alone.

That being said, any breeding will be delayed into 2012. Late this winter or early spring.

We apologize that it has taken so long to post this but I only returned home this week and am now returning emails seeking information about our Family Dogs.