Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

and your dogs. Good health to all!

CoCo is putting on weight

CoCo is putting on weight and is now 3 weeks along in her pregnancy. Einstein keeps her active, and is very good at licking her ears and keeping her happy. Estee is really back to her enthusiastic, girlish self, and is ready to school those pups. The following picture of Einstein and CoCo was taken yesterday.

Patricia, Matthew and Culmore Canines New Members of Mensona Kennel Club

On October 17, 2007 we were voted into the Mensona Kennel Club, based in Santa Rosa, CA. The name comes from the fact that members are from Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa counties here in Northern California. It is an AKC All Breed Kennel Club since 1953 and this last August held their 100th AKC Dog Show. As all dog clubs, the goals are the advancement of all breeds of pure bred dogs, the education of their owners and to conduct AKC events.
Please visit their website at Mensona Kennel Club.

CoCo and Einstein have tied the knot

In the last week, CoCo and Einstein tied the knot not once, not twice, but 8 times! Amazing! Dr. Hauser says that for 2 dogs who live together all the time, it is not unusual for the female to allow more frequent service acts. This is good because even if sperm levels are low, quantity helps. It can also affect the size of the litter on the side of more puppies. The first service act was October 24, and 63 days from then theoretically means puppies on Christmas day. What amazing presents for all of us. Puppies should be ready for adoption pick up starting around the end of February or first of March.