CoCo and Merlin's first litter together due November 4 - 8

We are so thrilled! This is their first litter together, and it is wonderful to know that both parents will be on site to nurture and socialize the puppies. CoCo is very healthy and pregnant, eating, sleeping and playing with her normal enthusiasm. Merlin stays close, regularly snuggling and cleaning his bride. Adoption pick up should start the first week of January, 2007, when they will be 8 weeks of age. So, Christmas and Valentines Day, here we come!

Bailey is 15 weeks, Crate Trained, House Trained, and has New Photos

Weight at 15 weeks: 8 lbs. 1 ozs.
Master Bailey Thomas, the original pick of the litter, is crate trained, house trained, very well socialized and loves playing with the pack; Estee, Merlin and CoCo. He is very attentive and responsive to his name. His confirmation to the breed standard is very well displayed and he saunters around with a beautiful gait. His dense white fur and black features are now well defined. He has been given all of his shots, been wormed and received a Veterinarian check up on each visit. Bailey is available with full breeding rights. He comes with AKC Registration and documentation, a Health Guarantee and Adoption Kit.
The pictures below of Bailey are new today, at 15 weeks and 3 days of age.. His early pictures can be seen on the
July Puppies 2006 page. Family pictures of new owners with their pride and joy are also now located on the same page on the last two rows.

Surprise! Surprise! CoCo is pregnant!

What was to be a wedding of tradition has become a wedding of necessity! It appears CoCo is pregnant and should be expecting puppies sometime during the first two weeks of November, which would make puppies available for adoption sometime in early January, 2007. Those fancy pants for CoCo and the male protective covers for Merlin seemed to have been successful, until a rather pronounced swelling started appearing on CoCo. You can't fool Mother Nature! Stay tuned for details as they become available, and contact us if you are interested in reserving a puppy for you. Full details on both Mademoiselle CoCo Chanel III and Merlin of Windsor Castle can be found on their own pages. CoCo will have her Vet check next week so we will have some idea of the litter size and progress.

Merlin and CoCo's October 15 Wedding

Please visit Merlin and CoCo's Wedding page for details and pictures as they are now available.