This is Gisella, or Ellie.

As you can see, she's looking for love. Can you help?

See her web page here:


We're back!

Hello everyone! After a long break to care for both of our elderly Mothers, both of which have passed on, I am sitting down to say hello and open new doors.

Einstein has been fixed and is doing well. Ellie is still the smartest girl we have ever had and is still able to breed one more time before she too will be retired. Does anyone have a male intact who would consider acting as Stud? We are glad to pay, give a pup or what ever works for both of us.

Please contact us if you have a Stud or know a four legged one.

Thanks, and be sure to keep an eye on the Blog and new links, including the addition of a CBD for dogs link.

Be well.