Summertime tips

As Patricia and I were laying in the grass with the dogs last night under the stars, we had a few thoughts to pass along.

As we said last month, get out all that you can and take your dogs with you.

If you take them to the beach or on a walk on hard or hot surfaces in the city, remember their footpads are very sensitive and can burn, just like their skin, especially on light fur or skin dogs.

Take the on drives, but never leave them in the car.

Get a cheapo childs blue swimming pool at Target, $5 or so, and put it in the shade and lay in it with your dogs.

When your dogs are outside, provide water, water, water. Inside, too.

Be sure to ask your vet about suggestions and tips for your dog in your area.

Be sure to give heartworm prevention medication and use flea and tick prevention monthly, and get bortadella protection if frequenting public areas where many animals frequent. Always opt for prevention as opposed to cure, and always ask your vet for their recommendations.

Get creative, listen to your inner dog.

Above all, be safe so you can do it all over again next year.