Ellie is in cycle and we are pondering pups

Ellie is in cycle and we are pondering pups, if Mother Nature thinks the time is right and it can be done while moving my Mom. Keep up the positive thoughts and let us know if you would be interested.

Remember, our website address is changing soon so be sure to keep an eye on this weblog to be advised of the new address. We will still have the same name, Bichon Frise of the California Wine Country, and email will be the same of mculmore@comcast.net and mculmore@mac.com, plus a new one to be added soon.


Our Website address and Domaine name to change before Summer 2012

Hello everyone,

Our Website address for Bichon Frise of the California Wine Country here at Culmore Canines and Domaine name will change before Summer 2012. The present provider is dropping their service of web hosting in June of 2012, so between now and then we will be changing the address and we will be posting the new address prior to the change so you can reset your bookmarks for us at that time and stay tuned into our favorite breed.

We will still be receive email at the same addresses:

Thanks for your support.