America's Cup 34 San Francisco won by Oracle Team USA 9-8 over Emirates Team New Zealand

As I am sure you have all heard this by now, you may not know that I spent nearly 7 months of training and Volunteering and working the event. We all had the time of our lives, and look forward to seeing history made again at the AC35, hopefully to be held again here on San Francisco Bay.

From my letter post event to friends like you:

Hello everybody.

Wow! What a finish. What an opportunity. Take time out, do what you like and Volunteer. 

During the Presentation Ceremony of the America's Cup, ex mayor of San Francisco and current Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsome, the man who shared Larry Ellison's vision and helped it come to fruition in this natural amphitheater we call San Francisco Bay, had this to say, " I want you all to give a huge hand of applause… to the 1,000 Volunteers. To each and every person in the Red Shirt, that worked hard to make this the most spectacular, fan friendly America's Cup in history. Thank you."

Yes, and maybe we'll get to do it again, in San Francisco. So I hope you get to see it. Or come work it.

Oh, and as to the catamaran I am pictured with, and spent so much time with for better than 3 months, an Oracle AC45, Chassis 11. I got know it like the back of my hand. As you can see, I caress it like the family dog.

Now, go find and fly your boat. 

Happy sailing.


Replays of all races are available at:  ,in HD.

AC45and me

All Dogs go to Heaven. Thank God Estee is there to meet Greta.

Today is to always be a celebration of a life that our whole family came to know and love. Thank you for everything you brought into our lives. God bless you and hold you close Greta.

Greta spiritual

A letter to St. Francis for delivery to our Darling Greta.

Dearest Greta,

Time here on Earth with you was such a Blessing.
The way You would Cuddle patiently for hours on end, and give such Tender Kisses. Thank You.
Your loving manner of raising little Ellie to be a loving and Caring Mother while lovingly trying to tell Einstein to rest it. A true Matriarch.
Never shall we forget how you Danced for Ellie and Einstein pounding you little Paws on the floor like Thunder.
Your Music and Unconditional Love will always be our Treasure as you live on in our Hearts Eternally.

Love and Peace,
Mommy, Daddy, Einstein and Ellie.