CoCo and Merlin's puppy progress

Here is a look at CoCo and Merlin's puppy progress and weights:

Navy Blue ribbon:
Large female born 3:50pm Sun 3rd of May.
30 hrs.     8:25 oz
55hrs.      9:25 oz.
3days.     10.25 oz.
4 days.    11.00oz.
5days.     12.50
6 days.    13.50
7days.     14.50

Powder Blue ribbon:
Largel male born 4:20 pm
30 hrs.      8 oz.
55             9oz
3days.      10.25 oz.
4days.      11 oz.
5days.      12.50
6days.      13.50
7days.      14.50

Black ribbon:
Small male born  5:47 pm
30 hrs 6:25 oz.
55       7 oz.
3 days.   8. oz
4 days.   8.75 oz.
5 days.   9.50 oz
6 days.    10.50
 7 days.     11.50

CoCo and Merlin have 3 puppies

Everyone at The Grooming Table, CoCo and Merlin have had 3 big, healthy puppies. They definitely show Estee’s genetics present in Merlin, as Estee has the larger size of her European bloodline. CoCo must have had a full house for her petite size.

Individual pictures of CoCo, Merlin and some previous litters of theirs together can be seen on our Litters, Photos webpage.

Contact Daniel now for availability probably around mid-July or so at: 972-960-7171 or 818-693-0975

Take a look-

CoCo and Merlin having puppies in Dallas

Daniel called to say that CoCo has had 1 male and 1 female as of 5:00 Dallas time today, and will keep us posted. Congratulations to all!