Estee, Charles puppies due mid November

Estee and her Prince Charles appear to have done it again! She’s about a plump as a Thanksgiving turkey, moving slow, sleeping and eating enough for an army. Stay tuned!

New testimonials and pictures posted

New testimonials and pictures have been posted on the Testimonial page from Pavlov and also Daisy. Go check ‘em out. Interview #74 now available

New Episode #74 at ! My interview #2 with Julie Hill is now available. I understand it has been split into two parts, this Episode #74 being part one, with part two to follow in a future episode. In the interview #51 we discussed the process of making a match between prospective adopting families and a breeder, and in the new episode we cover the aspect of “ now the match has been made and the puppy goes home, what do you do then”. You can follow this direct link to their site or you can subscribe to their regular podcasts through the Apple iTunes Store for Free.

They are a great resource, and if you haven’t visited the site yet, click either of the links above and go to their homepage.