Jet weighs in at 4 pounds

Belinda and Frank pick up a very well socialized Jet tomorrow, the last of the puppies to go home. Estee is about 28 days from whelping, CoCo is really glad to be through nursing and mothering, and Einstein is really coming along well being the Master of the house. He will really miss Jet as all they want to do is play and jawbone all day.

Culmore's Einstein is now his Official AKC Registration name

They say in show business you need a stage name, and , well, Einstein XXI just didn't have that certain ring to it. So, enter the AKC, and voila, Culmore's Einstein! When I start Conformation Competetion in Spring 2008, that will be my handle. I'm getting full attention and my grooming and handling is every day when not trying to impress CoCo with my speed and grace. Estee, CoCo, Patricia, Matthew and I would like to thank our mentors and friends, and we can assure you that this effort would be overwhelming without all of your assistance. We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!

Belinda fell in love with Jet and so did Frank

and that was all it took. He will be moving to Mountain View on September 1st to add some more excitement to their home and further brighten their days. A Happy Family for sure.

Jet is looking beautiful at 10 weeks...

and now weighs in at 3 pounds 4 ounces. He is very content playing with Einstein as much as possible and runs the house and yard with ease. He even came up the steps part way to the second floor. He gets his second shots and evaluation this Friday the 25th.

Update on adoptions and all of The Pack

His Majesty Prince Jones went home today to join Sara, Paige, Lisa and Mike. There are pictures of all the happy families on the CoCo, Merlin's Puppies NOW page now for your viewing pleasure.
Einstein is doing fine with his Conformation classes, and we get to go to the Mensona Kennel Club Show this weekend at the Fairgrounds.
Jet is one handsome dog, and is developing well, and weighs in at 3 pounds. Good boy!
CoCo is glad all the nursing is over so she can regain her girlish figure.
Estee is now into just sleeping and putting on a little weight as September 28th puppies are not really that far away. Several puppies are already being reserved as this is her first litter in a year and she has such awesome puppies.

Puppies weight at 8 weeks, adoption starts today

Snowball goes home today, Peaches Friday and Prince on Tuesday. Topo will be going home Saturday, but Jet is glad he'll be here to play with a little longer. Jet is developing to be an outstanding dog and it seems he already knows how to stack (stand for inspection at show) correctly.
His Majesty Prince Jones - 3 lb. 8 oz.
Benny Jet - 2 lb. 8 oz.
Peaches'n Creme - 3 lb. 0 oz.
Topo Gigio - 2 lb. 1 oz.
Snowball - 3 lb. 4 oz.

Estee is back in Windsor after renewing her vows with Charles...

followed by honeymoon number four with her favorite stud. We understand a great time was had by the happy pair in the South Bay. We'll see around September 28th.

Prince has a new family

His Majesty Prince Jones was adopted by Sara, Paige, Lisa and Mike today and will be going to live in Fremont in two weeks. All he wanted to do is play with Sara, and he is such a handsome boy we are sure he will have his paws full with all the girls!

Snowball has been adopted

As soon as Tonya and Sammy saw Snowball's puppy pictures at the website, they came over and were as smitten as anticipated. He goes home next week to warm their home and brighten their days. Congratulations!

Puppies weight at 7 weeks of age - adoption time getting close

The puppies are really growing, running around and eating up a storm. CoCo can't get away fast enough from those sharp little teeth. Adoption pick up will be starting in a couple of weeks.
His Majesty Prince Jones - 3 lb. 3 oz.
Benny Jet - 2 lb. 4 oz.
Peaches'n Creme - 2 lb. 10 oz.
Topo Gigio - 1 lb. 14 oz.
Snowball - 3 lb. 2 oz.