Happy Holidays to All of our Two and Four Legged Friends!

winter scene
2011 has been an eventful year here in beautiful Sonoma County and now the harvest is over and the fall color is everywhere, it is time to be thankful and to celebrate, as well as reflect.

Einstein is wonderful and as loving and attentive to the Girls as ever. What a man.

Giselle, now nicknamed Ella Maru and don’t even ask me how, is truly the most unique and happy puppy we have ever had. We are planning to breed her this next cycle.

Greta is still the most elegant, magnificent and wonderful dog and absolutely the prime reason Ella Maru is such an over the top dog. A mouthful but appropriate for the relationship between all members of The Pack.
Both Patricia and my Mom’s lives continue to require a very large portion of our lives, but how happy we are to be able to do it.

Patricia and I do really want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and very beneficial New Year.

Be well, be happy and be kind. Love your mate. Lay in the yard under the sky with your dog. And thank your God for life, love, freedom, peace and happiness always.