CoCo and Einstein are parents!

Starting at 12:45 am Friday December 28, 2007, CoCo gave birth to 4 females and 1 male. They came about every hour until 4:25 this morning. All are very talkative and weigh in at 6-7 ounces each. Their names, in order of birth, are: Angel, Star, Magdelena, Gaspar (the Wise Man) and Gloria. Below is the first puppy group picture taken at about age 7 hours. Also see the CoCo and Einstein Puppies 2007 page. Their AKC Litter Number is NP185168. For litter details see the AKC Breeders Classifieds at Search by Bichon Frise in California or the entire U.S. to see all AKC breeders and their litter rankings presently available. We continue to receive he AKC's highest ratings as you will see.

From left feeding: Star, Gloria, Angel, and Gaspar, with Magdelena laying across in front.

CoCo has added 30% to her body weight, puppies very soon

CoCo has added the equivalent of about 30% to her body weight (now up to a total weight of 15 lbs!!!), and we should be seeing puppies very soon, as Christmas is just around the corner. There is a lot of movement, and she is now more like a little bowling ball. Stay tuned!

Puppies are showing signs of movement

With about 10 days to go before whelping, there is plenty of signs of movement in CoCo's tummy. We have observed what appears to be kicking, turning and other random movement.

New pictures of CoCo and Einstein

CoCo is looking very pregnant and Einstein is forever licking her and snuggling with her as pictured below. Larger views are available on CoCo and Einstein's Puppies 2007 page.

About 15 days to go and puppies are being reserved - New pictures of Einstein at 17 months

CoCo is finally slowing down a little, and she needs help getting up on our bed, but is still doing her best to keep Einstein under control while Estee, ever vigilant, observes.
Cecelia and Mirabelle are the first to reserve a puppy. We are so happy as Cecelia brought CoCo into the world and into our lives as the breeder and owner of CoCo's parents, Sire Petit Nuage and Dam CoCo Le Mieux.
Another potential family came to meet the Pack Sunday.

New pictures of Einstein at 17 months are also available here:

CoCo is 3 weeks away from whelping

CoCo is 3 weeks away from whelping and has put on the equivalent of 16% body weight. She's already our little watermelon. Estee is now the grand protector and watchdog because Einstein is constantly grooming CoCo and giving a little love and affection, so he's way too busy to be the Leader of the Pack.