Now that's what I call a well socialized dog

Hey friends,

Just wanted to let you know that Hopps (snowball) is doing great.  He's been getting in a ton of beach days where he will outrun any dog that comes around.  (so fast for a little guy)  He's been camping with us where a baby deer and he became friends for the weekend.  Health is great.  Grooming has been hard with all the outdoor activities, but at this point we just drop him off at a local groomer and hand them a bunch of money. 

Hope things are well with you both.  Tonya is trying to convince me to get a playmate for Hopps so who knows.  I'll attach a photo for you. 


Hot time, summer in the city.

The shade of the trees, water bowls and the kiddie swimming pool have become The Packs favorite places recently as we endure 100 plus temperatures locally. Below is Fonzi in the water bowl as The Baroness looks on after her dip in the pool.

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Today is Einstein's second birthday and he will be spoiled and loved on all day, while swimming and playing with Anton and The Pack. Tomorrow he is eligible for his OFA Certification x-rays on his elbows and hips which will be done by Dr. Hauser. Congratulations on 25 ribbons so far this spring and summer, too.

Anton will also be getting his second series of puppy shots and be implanted with a microchip at Dr. Hauser's. He sure is a precious dog.