Gisella pregnancy resorption update

Gisella is fine, healthy and running around. She gave us all the symptoms of pregnancy, however, it is a disappointment to her and us, as well as prospective parents that she did not carry her litter to full term. Last week all signs of pregnancy suddenly disappeared. It is generally believed in such cases that the embryo died in utero and were gradually resorbed by the uterine membranes. This is not uncommon. A future pregnancy is viable. We’ll see.

Thanks for your interest in our little ones.

Gisella update

Gisella is going into her final week of gestation with June 9 being the assumed delivery date for puppies. She has put on over a pound, which is less weight gain at this period in time compared to her first litter, but she is eating like a horse, sleeping like a baby, and definitely showing enlarged breasts. This could mean a smaller litter, or smaller pups. There were 3 rather large pups in the last litter of 5, which could be the difference. As long as they are healthy, that is all that counts. Send all positive energy Gisella’s way.